Water Treatment Monitoring System

  • Water treatment monitoring system WT-IoT (Water Treatment IoT) is an IoT-based smart management solution that includes functions such as controlling and monitoring water purification equipment operation, monitoring water quality, monitoring water treatment progress, and detecting abnormal warnings, which helps reduce operating costs, and improve the efficiency of system equipment.


Remotely control and monitor the system

  • Remotely monitor and control equipment such as pumps, valves, floats... by phone or computer via internet (4G or Wifi).


  • Set up full automatic and semi-automatic control mode.


Operation parameters displayed on HMI screen and web

  • All parameters during operation are always shown on the HMI screen, or on the computer screen accompanying the control cabinet, on the website and mobile application.


Real-time operation logs

  • System parameters such as working cycle, opening and closing status of the device, and water quality parameters are stored in the system.


  • All data are easily accessed via website or application interface. Reports will be periodically exported.


Detect issues and send warnings

  • The system automatically monitors and detects issues of equipment or water quality.


  • Alerts will automatically be sent via lights or email, phone, Zalo.


Expand customization for more devices

  • Connectivity support allows expansion of other types of devices and sensors.

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