Smart Connected Lights

  • Smart Connected Lights (SCL) are used to control the light system automatically, turning on/off, or choosing staggered opening modes.


  • The lights will be turned on when a vehicle arrives, helping to save electricity used for the street light system.


  • Changing lighting brightness during peak times and events, and then dimming lights at other.


  • Segments connected to each other and central to management system.


  • Monitoring the environment weather conditions, air quality index (PM10, PM5 PM2.5).


Intuitive management on map

  • Manage the position of each light pole visually on the map, see whether the current state is on or off.


  • Control and schedule specific running modes


LoRaWAN connection

  • Connect via LoRaWAN platform helps the system operate stably, without connection costs.


  • Using electricity from solar panels to reduce energy costs.

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