Computerized Maintenance Management System - CMMS

  • CMMS is a system to help manage and monitor the assets and equipment of the enterprise in a systematic way


  • Reduce the cost of manual management time and labor


  • Increase maintenance efficiency & work efficiency of the technical team, as well as avoiding unexpected damage and loss.


Equipment management

  • All devices are included in the system.


  • Each device has a QR Code to be able to retrieve information such as type, operating status.


  • The system helps to manage the store where the device is being used, location and activity history and current status.


  • Devices can be classified by code, usage status, usage time

Incident management

Incident management

  • The incidents and damage reported by the staff of the stores will be received by the system and automatically included in the list of management and priority classification.


  • Incidents will be put into handling & monitoring status, completion time.

branch store management

Branch store management

  • Stores are entered into the system to manage the same location and coordinates on the map.


  • The system helps to manage the location of the store where the device is being used.

employee teams management

Employee, teams management

  • Each technician has an account to log in to the system, from which to get the content of the work to be solved.


  • Managers can create groups of employees by area or profession., and also assign tasks to individuals or specific groups.

scheduled maintenance report

Scheduled Maintenance, Report

  • Equipment due for maintenance will be automatically added to the to-do list for the next week or month

instant alerts

Instant alerts

  • Periodic self-check of equipment in the morning. Instantaneous damage during use will be automatically alerted to relevant personnel, teams.


  • Alerts are sent via App notification, SMS, Zalo.

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