Auto Hydroponic System​ - Paracel Pump

  • The Automatic Hydroponic System – Paracel Pump brings fresh vegetable growing solution right into your house.


  • The system can take care of and adjust nutrition for plants automatically from seeding to harvesting.


Collect environmental indicators by sensors

  • The device collects information from sensors such as pH, EC, water temperature, air temperature, air humidity, amount of CO2 and tVOC.


  • From the collected information, the device controls the nutrition pumps to dissolve the nutrients in the water for the plants and controls the return on/off pumps.


Applied for various types of vegetables

  • On the device, there will be pre-installed settings for some common plants such as lettuce or spinach with different levels of nutrition for each development stage, in addition, users can install separate settings as wanted.


Monitor working status, data remotely through mobile app

  • Users can view sensor parameters, pump status and control via the phone app.

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